Best courses  2D game character artist, game art school

Best courses 2D game character artist, game art school

Let's talk about 2D character artist, what kind of profession it is! You must be wondering, what does a character artist do? What will be the main character of a game or story, who does it depend on? You probably have favorite characters and maybe you want to create characters in the future?

A character artist creates different characters: monsters, humans, animals, different fantasy or real life creatures, robots. It depends on the task given to the character artist. It depends on the genre of the game: FPS shooter, TPS shooter, Horror, Strategy, Storyteller and on the stylization in which the game will be released. Therefore, it is important for the character artist to immerse themselves in the material.

For example, the character artist must perform a character of a certain historical era, to realize the task, immerse yourself in books and paintings, how looked like the characters of that period, that would be as close as possible and perform the hero for the game in 3D or 2D graphics.

Character artist is a modern and in-demand profession! He comes up with characters that become popular, they are loved by millions of people. Big or small companies, game studios hire character artists because characters are needed in any field of entertainment, especially gaming entertainment

It is best for a 2D character artist to focus on a specialization and become a master at it:
Concept artist - who develops a design, an idea. It is important to develop imagination, be very creative, work with color, shape. A concept artist knows how to:
- embody the idea through design
- use references as a master
- work with form
- reproduce and simplify anatomy

2D-artist - develops a character from scratch, has an excellent command of anatomy, draws from sketch to final version, it is very important to be able to draw well. 2D artist knows how to:
- select base and accent colors
- depict materials accurately
- draw light shading and visual effects
- do color correction and post-processing

Illustrator CG artist- artist draws that detail, as well as creates characters, but also develops backgrounds, knows how to:
- conduct visual storytelling
- work with composition and perspective
- "fit" the character into the environment
- turn a sketch into an illustration

You are probably wondering how to become a professional 2D artist? We will definitely tell you about important knowledge and skills, more details in the next article of our Blog. But, you can start to learn on the course 2D character, start to learn anatomy for game character, this is basic knowledge. The course 2D character and anatomy, you can find on our site or look elsewhere. We will be glad to share our knowledge and experience.