How to  learn graphic design fast and easy

How to learn graphic design fast and easy

Online school of 3D and graphic design - Bartschool will help you to master working in graphic programs, create 2D illustrations, cool drawing on IPAD. graphic tablet Wacom or modeling in 3D BLENDER.

Why should you learn graphic design easy start?

Graphic design is one of the most popular, in-demand and highly paid professions of our time;

learning the basics of the profession from a young age, you can quickly become an experienced, knowledgeable professional;

creating interesting illustrations, working in graphic programs on a tablet - it is so interesting!

and also - it is an opportunity to develop your creativity, diligence, skills in graphic editors, solving complex problems and many other things useful for professional life.

What new things will students learn at Bartschool?

  • - will learn to work with the most famous design programs on the computer (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and many others);
  • - draw beautifully on a graphic tablet, IPAD
  • - be able to professionally design your Instagram, perhaps to your friends or take the first orders
  • - master sketching for designers - the rules and features of initial sketch drawings, which later form the "foundation" of design;
  • - improve your general IT literacy by working in a modern computer environment.
  • - You will spend your summer with benefit, in just 2 months of intensive classes you will make a super portfolio!