Easy 3D digital art courses


It's no secret that working at the Games appeals to many! Interesting world, exciting stories and amazing graphics, plus good pay. You will realize yourself, be a member of a creative team and maybe release your own game in the future.

In any creative profession, it all starts with your skilling and a portfolio where you showcase your skilling. 1 decide which profession you are interested in, 2 prepare a portfolio, 3 professional education.

Take the creation of your portfolio seriously: 1. You need a portfolio to get into university. 2 to find a job.  For the University, include in the portfolio works from early to new, so that the dynamics of your development can be seen, taking into account the requirements of the University. For work, only the best work on your specialty for which you are applying for the SV.

Graphic design - logo creation, corporate identity, branding. Advertising surrounds us everywhere and for sure there are ads that you like and others that annoy you. You can learn how to make quality design with us, professionally design social networks, make packaging, signs, posters, posters in a single style, including animations and effects.

Student showcase


Jozef P. (Sofia)

Finished the 3D Blender course, a great start to start making simple 3D models for the game Now I plan to take a Zbrush course at bartschool. I practice a lot on my own and send my work to my instructor for review. Thanks that she is always in touch and feedback helps me to learn faster. I am happy with my results, thanks to the school.

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Maria Ikonikova Dnipr

I'm already finishing up my second 3d course. I like studying here. The tutor teaches us in great detail how to create 3D models and makes sure we understand everything. 3D modeling programs require patience and a lot of practice, especially I like Zbrush course skulpting. The success of a student depends on the instructor and I am glad that I study at bartschool. For me it is the best 3D graphics school in Poland. 

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Elizabeth Gore (Prague)

Took a summer course Procreate for begginers in 2023, it gave me the opportunity to start drawing digital art, get a foundation of 2d art. Now I plan to take an advanced course  2D Character, Anatomy and Concept Art at this school. I enjoyed the summer art marathon, I drew a lot of art in three weeks and believed in my abilities. Thank you to our course supervisor Irina. 

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