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Vadim Litva

This is the best 3D graphics school. Thanks to my tutor Taisia for believing in me. I took a year long course in 3D Blender and Zebrush, learned how to make models and textures. Now I have made a portfolio in 3D and can look for a job as a junior in a studio. This is my dream come true! 

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Judan K.

I was looking for a 3D graphics and animation school, I am glad I found the 3D Blender-Zbrush course. The mentor of the 3D course Taisia is very professional, worked in a game company and gave a lot of useful information: how to put together a porfolio, how to find the first job in the studio. Good luck to bartschool online school in the future. 

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Anna Wolczanska

Thank you, 3d graphics school, for an interesting and rich learning experience. It is the best school in Poland, besides, study 3D graphics and animation in English was much easier than I thought, very clear, lots of tutors, help, support from tutors. A lot of information about working in game studio. Thank you and good luck to you.

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